Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Took 9 today to get to the decent one in the middle. Wasn't intentional.... just started sketching and experimenting and wasn't happy with any till the last one. Anyway, one more closer to 365 :)
Friday, March 19, 2010

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Getting back to the present now, I had quickly sketched the skull last week at McGuffey and included it in the crop for this post....because on Wednesday night we went to a presentation at the Festival of the Book. The Talk included speakers Noah Scalin on his Skull a day project and book Skulls and Nick Valentino with his new Steampunk novel entitled Thomas Riley

It was a great presentation and I was lucky enough to get to meet both of them. We went out for a little St. Patty's day Guinness with Nick and had fun..... and hope to meet up with Noah sometime as he lives in Richmond which isn't too far away.  

Look!  Actual blog with my fancy hyperlinks and more than three words below the self portrait. See ya soon.


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Outta the shower I did a couple of quick scrawly ones again in the mirror. I think a vast majority of these s.p.'s have taken place in the bathroom which strikes me as a bit odd, but I guess it stands to reason with a big mirror and plenty of light.

Plus it has those great acoustics that allow me to work on my high falsetto for my operatic performances....

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A couple from the mirror in ballpoint pen..... back in January I believe. The one on the right is getting there.... think the other was a bit of a warm up.

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After a long absence I am back to finish what I set out to do... 365 self portraits though no longer on a daily basis. This is kinda a goofy looking one I did a while back as you can tell by the date. I have been sporadically drawing self portraits, but amidst all the goings on hadn't posted.... so I am playing catch up
Monday, March 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Flickr collage of my face. Weird.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PostHeaderIcon I made it!

Got to Cville at about 1:30 am Tuesday morning..... Just settling in and recovering from the treck. It will be a good turkey day tomorrow. Art soon I promise...

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Traveling across the country.... movin to Virginia. Leaving Kansas City this morning and should be in Charlottesville tonight. More self portraits to come soon:)

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Been awhile...busy getting ready to treck across the country to Virginia.
Here we have Ol Nanook of the North...

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Ole "Mad Dog" Main..... looking rather wolfish....

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Sketchin @ the Zoo.

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Toned Paper!

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Gettin jiggy with it over the weekend....
Wish I could say it looked this pretty, but I'm afraid that just wasn't the case.....

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Clean sweep? Hardly... the computer ate the first version of this one.. back
on Friday I think it was... Finally posted today.
Check out the digital sketches in my portfolio to view my ChiuStream entries.
The ChiuStream is a live streaming sketching session with Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios.
I highly recommend it!

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Can't beleive it is almost October....

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Yesterday's wierdness. Can you say malkovich malkovich malkovich.....(Off handed reference to an odd movie this image made me think of...can you guess which one?)

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Caricature practice I guess??

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Bring on the new week. I am ready.

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Sketchy.... had to repost..... sorry lost my comments. Thanks for looking though.

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Simple Simon...

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Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up with your mind all fuzzy racking your brain trying to remember what happened the night before?.....
Uhm.... yeah,......      me neither.

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Outta the  sketchbook

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Standing Sketch

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A clown...

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Trying to find some motivation

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Weak weekend....

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Boy... kind of a whoolly bugger ain't he

Ode to the bic ballpoint:
Oh how I love thee
My cheap familiar friend
Every time I pick you up
A surprise comes out your end.
After rereading this... I probably could have chosen better words. Good thing there is a title, otherwise I'm sure some of you would draw strange conclusions from those 4 lines.

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